What is the Christian Life Program?


The Christian Life Program (CLP) is an integrated course intended to lead the program participants into a renewed understanding of God’s call to them as Christians. It runs for a total of 12 weekly sessions. At the end of the seminar, the participants are invited to dedicate themselves to the Lord as CFC members and to commit to participate actively in the life of the community and of the Church through regular prayer meetings, attendance in community assemblies and teachings, participation in parish life.








The CLP is the entry point for those who wish to join Couples for Christ or the CFC Family Ministries    of Singles for Christ (SFC) – for unmarried young adults and professionals, Handmaids of the Lord (HOLD) and Servants of the Lord (SOLD) – for men and women who are widowed, single parents or those whose spouses are away due to work assignment or are working abroad.


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